Notes from Monday June 5, 2017 at Cornell Cooperative Extension

Hey all,

Just a few quick notes for the club meeting tonight.  Next Club Meeting is July 1st at Brent and Beth's apiary. 7400 State Street extension in Sodus. 11:30 till. August 5th At Mark Feigl's apiary same time. will send address in an email.

NY Bee Wellness Program July 7-9 at Morrisville college. Must register EVENTS page.

Club Queens will be available soon. Please call Elwood for your queen cells.

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For weak hives, 3 options. 1- let them go... don't try to keep bad genetics alive. 2- Boost with capped brood that will emerge soon from a stronger hive. 3- You can also place a weak hive on top of a stronger hive with a screen in between so the weak hive can get some of the heat.

Mark Sanson presented with Dewey Carons Reading Frames presentation. Giving us a great idea of what we are looking at and how to identify eggs, brood, larva honey, pollen etc on a frame, and also how to estimate the amount of bees on a frame.

See you all in July if you can make it!!!


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