Notes from Monday November 7, 2016 at Cornell Cooperative Extension


Bear attacked Kim's hives. Bear sightings in Savannah, Clyde and Sodus point. Permanent fix would be to use electric fencing but a quick fix may be to use bleach around the hives or staple bleach soaked sponges to a hive at risk.

Mites: It is always a good idea to rotate mite treatments, not using the same things again and again Hopguard, oxalic acid, apivar, apiguard, formic acid and mite strips are the ones mentioned tonight. Splits in the spring can help lower mite population too.

ESHPA: Empire State Honey Producers Association....discussed and encouraged membership. They have 2 meetings per year the summer picnic and the fall conference. They usually have breakout sessions, speakers and beekeeping classes at each.

Terramycin and other foulbrood treatments will be very difficult to get after January. Prescriptions from a vet will be needed to get the antibiotic.

There is a new magazine out for beginning beekeepers, but the name was not remembered.

Next meeting, Dec 5th. Bait hives and using paramoth.

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